How to Choose the Right Size Knee Compression Sleeve

Now that you have read all about knee braces and knee compression sleeves we are sure you are ready to select what support suits you best.  How do you choose the right size though?  Don’t worry! This problem is extremely common and most people struggle with this question.

The most important thing to remember is to choose the right type of bracing for your injury. If you need just support while exercising for physical therapy, hinged knee braces should be the type you are looking to purchase. This type is the cheapest and provides the best support for mild knee injuries and pain. However, if you need a knee brace to immobilize your knee, which is typical after a surgery, you should look into knee structural braces.  These braces support the entire area around your knee, but can end up being rather expensive.  For meniscus tears, sprains, strains, or patellar problems proper knee braces are hinged,  provide compression, and are flexible.

The next step into finding out which size you will need would be to measure your knee,  It is easiest to use a cloth tape measure and measure the circumference of your knee over your patella (kneecap).   With your measurement you should now be able to match it up to the manufacturer’s recommended size charts. Most online retailers also provide this information to their customers, so if you are looking on you shouldn’t have a problem finding it.  If you cannot find your exact size, you should get a size slightly larger than your measurement. It is much better to have a brace slightly larger rather than one that is too small and too constricting. To ensure the knee brace is the best size, we suggest wearing the knee brace the rest of the day to make sure it fits comfortably and snugly. If it ends up being too constrictive, return it and go up a size.

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