Knee Injuries & Knee Support

As always, we highly suggest you ask your doctor whether you should use a knee brace.   If you have suffered a knee injury you should already know whether you need support for your knee or not. However knee compression sleeves have many beneficial aspects, and have become adopted by runners to aid in lessening the pain experienced from overuse, sprains, and strains. Runners who use knee compression sleeves typically use strapless models which hug the knee.  These models are usually more comfortable, but do not supply the support that hinged models do. Runners typically utilize knee braces to alleviate common pain from overuse of leg muscles.

Injuries, like ligament or muscle tears, that require bracing usually utilize a different type of supportive knee brace.  These knee braces use hinges to secure and tighten the patella and surrounding ligaments into place.  This type of knee brace tends to be more rigid, but is made that way in order to give the most support to the effected location.   Although it seems rather ominous, an ACL injury is usually supplemented with a knee compression brace.  There have been multiple studies done by medical staffs around the world that analyze the impact of using a knee brace after ACL surgery.  Each study has come to the conclusion that due to its constricting nature it supports the joint and surrounding ligaments and is largely beneficial for stabilization rebuilding personal confidence of the affected knee. The ACL’s neighboring ligament, the MCL, is another area that if injured  may need bracing support. An injured MCL rarely requires surgery for a full recovery. Differences in the severity of the injury will effect the treatment as well as the activity level of the patient. MCL injuries may range from minor sprains to complete tears of the ligament. The vast majority of injuries that affect the MCL will heal on their own; even complete tears. Non-surgical treatment consists of protective bracing and physical therapy.

If you are experiencing just minor pain due to strains, sprains, or overuse we highly advise you to look into knee compression sleeves that do not have hinges.  A prime example of this type of knee compression sleeve would be some of the popular Shock Doctor models.  However, if you have just undergone a medical procedure or have been advised by your doctor to get a knee brace for support, we highly suggest the hinged models.

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